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Bobovr Z4 Review

BOBOVR Z4 | VR Google Cardboard Headset Review

This is a very immersive headset, and comfortable as well ----------------------- Where To Order: Gearbest Z4 Mini: ...

1 year ago 4:27 164,341

Daydream VR Headsets: Bobo VR Z4 Full Review

Loving this channel? Check our Patreon page to learn how you can get involved! https://www.patreon.com/daydreamdistrict More ...

6 months ago 11:08 12,009

BOBO VR Z4, Best One Yet: Review!

Hi guys, this is my review of the BOBO VR, the best VR I have tried so far. The quality is great, it has the best features I have seen ...

11 months ago 9:36 66,969

Best headset for your phone? BOBO Z4 VR Headset review

Links: Amazon UK - http://amzn.to/2awwQa6 Twitter: https://twitter.com/thegadgetdude Facebook: ...

10 months ago 2:09 21,835

Unboxing & Hands on Review - Bobo VR Z4 Vs Virtoba X5

For more information about this video please do visit our website Bobo VR Z4 - http://www.virtual-reality-shop.co.uk/bobo-vr-z4/ ...

1 year ago 16:40 31,802

Bobo VR Z4 Review

I'm back with another VR headset video. I'll show you the ins and outs of the equipment and be entertaining whilst doing it. Thanks ...

6 months ago 6:39 1,555

BOBOVR Z4 by OYOVR product review (VR Headset for Android/IPhone Google Cardboard)

This is my BOBOVR Z4 by OYOVR product review. It is a 3D VR Headset for Android/IPhone that works with Google Cardboard.

1 year ago 13:36 15,647

Xiaozhai BOBO VR Z4 - VR 3D Glasses - Cardboard - with Headphones!

Please subscribe for more! Got these VR Glasses from Aliexpress here: http://goo.gl/Fa3MDO. You can watch this video in 1080P ...

11 months ago 10:16 45,284

Review BOBO VR Z4 + Giveaway! Indonesia [CLOSED]

Akhirnya..VR yang paling banyak di request... Review Bobo VR Z4 Indonesia..'ada harga, ada kualitas' berlaku juga untuk VR, ...

8 months ago 6:06 25,945

BoboVR Z4 Virtual Reality Goggles Review

Comfortable fit, lightweight, loud/immersive headphones, easy to adjust, touch button works great. Amazon Affiliate Product Link: ...

9 months ago 2:27 2,338

Unboxing 8 Different Google Cardboard VR Headsets

An unboxing of 8 Google Cardboard VR Headsets ----------------------- The Headset I Recommend: Amazon US: ...

1 year ago 12:33 85,407

Xiaozhai BOBOVR Z4 3D Virtual Reality VR Glasses Review Gearbest com

Gearbest ($31.61 ) - Xiaozhai BOBOVR Z4 : http://www.gearbest.com/virtual-reality/pp_356187.html?lk... banggood ...

3 weeks ago 3:43 10

First Look: BOBOVR Z4 Virtual Reality Headset with Built-in Audio Headphones

First look of the final production unit of the BOBOVR Z4 Virtual Reality Headset with Built-in Audio Headphones. BOBOVR Z4 is ...

1 year ago 5:00 36,287

Daydream VR Headsets~Bobo VR Z4 Full Review

Daydream VR Headsets: Bobo VR Z4 Full Review 120 degree Best Value Virtual Headset with headphones! Best Prices at ...

6 months ago 6:08 679

BOBOVR Z4 - Headphone Removal Mod + Extras [Tutorial]

So here I deconstruct the BOBOVR Z4 and Remove the Built in headphones, and you will see that we loose balance & have to fix ...

1 year ago 15:47 21,808

Item review - BOBOVR Z4 Virtual Reality Helmet

This is a video review I made about the #BOBOVR Z4 #virtual_reality helmet (or headset or VR glasses with headphones).

1 year ago 8:51 4,641

Virtoba X5/BoboVR Z4 VR Headset Review

This is a Review of the BoboVR z4 clone called Virtoba X5. This comes with, or without headphones depending on how you plan ...

8 months ago 8:29 3,173

Bobovr z4 mini review

4 months ago 4:07 241

BOBOVR Z3 - My First Time Using VR Glasses!

I got the BOBOVR Z3 Virtual Reality 3D Video Glasses from GearBest recently. In this video I unbox it, check it out, use it for the ...

1 year ago 6:28 32,742