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Bonsai Empire

Bonsai trees at a Japanese temple

During the World Bonsai Convention in Japan, the Hikawa shrine was the gorgeous setting for over 50 Bonsai trees. Music by ...

4 days ago 2:27 4,794

Bonsai Shop & Deshima Bonsai Studio

Teunis Jan Klein shows us his Deshima Bonsai Studio, located in the Netherlands. https://www.bonsaishop.nl - Music by Aydio.

1 week ago 4:00 5,647

World Bonsai Convention

The World Bonsai Convention exhibition, including interviews with mr. Kimura, Kobayashi and Suzuki. Music by Aydio. More info: ...

1 month ago 14:06 59,876

Bonsai Fundamentals Course

Introducing the Bonsai Fundamentals Course, an online tutorial offering unique insights into the fundamental concepts of Bonsai ...

3 months ago 2:43 14,075

Interview with Luis Vallejo

Interview with Luis Vallejo in the museum gardens. Mr. Vallejo will be the guest of honor at this year's ...

2 months ago 9:24 20,659

Bonsai expo at Noelanders Trophy 2017

The winning trees and exhibition at the Noelanders Trophy http://www.bonsaiempire.com/blog/noelanders-2017 The Noelanders ...

4 months ago 9:00 50,110

Bonsai demo by Serge Clement

Serge Clement styled this Pinus uncinata at the Generation Bonsai event in Germany. Music by Aydio ...

1 month ago 11:21 8,154

Bonsai trees

Seven inspirational Bonsai masterpieces, shot in a Japanese garden. http://www.bonsaiempire.com In the movie we show the ...

3 years ago 7:00 414,955

Yamaki Pine Bonsai, the Hiroshima survivor

This Japanese white pine (Pinus parvifolia) is approximately 375 years old, and is the oldest specimen in the Japanese Bonsai ...

4 months ago 1:24 15,682

The most beautiful Bonsai trees

Enjoy these twelve beautiful Bonsai trees that we have filmed in the last few years. These Bonsai were displayed at the ...

4 months ago 3:37 17,427

Teunis Jan Klein: Techniques to thicken a Bonsai trunk

The trunk of a Bonsai deserves specific attention, as it is one of the most eye-catching features of a tree. The following features will ...

1 year ago 10:26 35,247

Bonsai Starter kit: How to make a Bonsai tree

Learn how to make a Bonsai tree from a Bonsai starter kit with this movie. For more information, see: ...

3 years ago 3:57 1,060,798

Bjorn Bjorholm's Bonsai demo

Bjorn Bjorholm gave a demonstration at the Generation Bonsai event, organized by Michael Tran from Minoru Bonsai. This tree is ...

2 years ago 12:07 77,573

Michael Tran about the European Bonsai San Show

Michael Tran will demonstrate at the European Bonsai San show Music by Aydio - www.european-bonsai-san-show.com.

2 weeks ago 1:28 3,351

Bonsai demo by Daisaku Nomoto

Mr. Daisaku Nomoto from Japan styled this great pine tree at the Noelanders Trophy 2017. Music by: Melorman.

4 months ago 6:46 11,797

Masashi Hirao styles a Juniper Bonsai tree

Masashi Hirao styled this Juniper Bonsai tree at the Bonsai Without Borders event (China). The material was quite simple, which ...

6 months ago 4:36 43,240

Bjorn Bjorholm demo at Generation Bonsai

Bjorn's demo at the Generation Bonsai event, Germany. Great big Juniper with a lot of interesting deadwood. Music by: CMA.

1 year ago 15:29 46,245

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