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Final Seal Brave Frontier

Menon EX Dungeon with Taunt. WILL IT WORK?

Menon EX Dungeon video guide, with Taunt units. This video is requested by some of my subscribers, so I'll go in and test it out ...

1 year ago 4:28 11,668

Brave Frontier - Menon Bonus Dungeon: The battle against Kalon's Shadow

I fight against Kalon's Shadow in Menon's Bonus Dungeon.

1 year ago 3:50 2,307

[Brave Frontier] Menon EX: Final Seal

Just kidding this is a Reina loop video with some BF gameplay on the side Weeb music used: The Real Disappearance of Miku ...

7 months ago 3:03 845

Brave Frontier Episode 498: Menon EX with Omni Lead

Gumi asked us to do the Menon Ex dungeon with an Omni Lead. Challenge accepted! This video was made by a participant in the ...

1 year ago 3:12 3,338

Menon EX !

Chemin de Gaïa Fanpage https://www.facebook.com/groups/1709840969248485/ ...

7 months ago 5:23 2,814

「メノン」エクストラダンジョン攻略 Menon's Extra Dungeon Walkthrough & Tilith 6* Evo (Brave Frontier)【ブレイブフロンティア】

So finally 6stars evolution for Tilith? This video is about the extra dungeon of Menon VS Kalon. This extra dungeon is more difficult ...

1 year ago 11:42 43,964

[Brave Frontier Global] Menon final battle w story scene

Only mobile game I'm playing, and my favorite, Brave Frontier. This one is actually on PC but the data is linked together so yeah.

1 year ago 43:39 4,440

EX Menon: vs Karon

MENON EX: Vs Karon SETUP Piany lead (bb atk & fill bb n hp when spark LS) Any offensive fren Fahzen (crit n spark) Krantz (1st ...

1 year ago 10:40 2,017

Brave Frontier - Menon Bonus - Ark of the Sealed God

Using my F2P account, only Hadaron is Global Exclusive and the Haile Friend. Hope it Helps.

1 year ago 5:18 5,968

Brave Frontier: Quest Mode - Menon EX Dungeon!!!

Global Player ID: 34538141 JP Player ID:53385553 Kik: Trey2Da Kamcord: http://kamcord.com/profile/Trey2Da Gumi Forum: ...

1 year ago 11:21 3,047

[Brave Frontier Global] Menon's special dungeon "Ark of the Sealed God"

I found out that his "spiritual conversion* will fill up the BB gauge if your units BB gauge isn't full and if it's full then vice versa* ...

1 year ago 7:33 11,156

Mildran EPIC Final Boss Battle VS Karna Masta Walkthrough (Brave Frontier Global)

So finally it's here !! The final boss battle vs Karna Masta at Mildran. The difficulty is already as difficult as Trial, or maybe even ...

10 months ago 34:26 175,141

Brave Frontier Global Menon's Epic Final Boss Fight VS Karna Masta & Tilith 6 Stars Evolution

This map's finall battle is really epic, reminds me Final Fantasy VI VS Kefka back then. Finally my little cute Tilith got her 6stars ...

1 year ago 12:30 52,762

Kalon's ultimate: Empty Seal: Disjuntion

Here's Menon bonus map. I've already figured a way to beat Kalon but the effect of "Empty Seal: Disjunction" is so beautiful so I'd ...

5 months ago 2:59 112

Brave Frontier Global - Menon Ex Map : Ark of the Sealed God - Final Seal

So, here's my vid of doing the Menon Ex Map, Final Seal, where we faced the Kalon's shadow here. We need to clear this Ex Map, ...

9 months ago 19:17 3,608

Menon EX Dungeon 1st Clear Craft another OP FREE sphere. Global units too OP

Menon EX Dungeon video guide. No continues allowed. How to do this ex dungeon the global way? here are the tricks you need ...

1 year ago 10:58 15,736

新マップ「メノン」最後の戦い New Map Menon Epic Final Boss Fight (Brave Frontier)【ブレイブフロンティア】

The final boss fight in Menon VS Karna Masta was so epic! It reminds me of Lucius' fight back then! So this video is about the last ...

1 year ago 14:36 35,862

Brave Frontier Global Menon Extra Dungeon VS Kalon Easy With Global Units !

It's the extra dungeon of the new map Menon, and once again, global units made it easy. You had to be careful to clear this ...

1 year ago 10:02 70,351

Brave Frontier - Menon EX - Ark of the Sealed God - vs Kalon Cleared

Second attempt and cleared. Went with letting some units die before the 50% hp mark and then push with the remaining to let the ...

10 months ago 18:13 877

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