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Junkrat Voice

Junkrat Voice Lines (English)

Compilation of datamined Junkrat speech (Overwatch)

1 year ago 10:38 148,086

Voice Actors Behind The Scenes - Junkrat Voice Lines Quotes || Porfirios Guarding This Channel

UPDATED Voice Cast 2017 https://youtu.be/ormvS1gYFxc Reaper Voice Lines Quotes Overwatch Voice Actors ...

7 months ago 2:17 27,439

Junkrat - Voice Lines | Overwatch

These Voice Lines can be purchased with in-game currency. http://overwatch.blizzplanet.com/blog/comments/overwatch-junkrat ...

1 year ago 0:53 17,893

Overwatch - The Real Voice of Junkrat

So it turns out Tyrodin has his own identity crisis as Junkrat... Tyrodin: ...

1 week ago 13:40 247,444

All Junkrat Voice Quotes | Overwatch

VOICE QUOTE PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRqpybPkb83Ddu8erk... Praise the sun, ...

11 months ago 6:38 5,695

Junkrat Multi-Language Voice options in different languages.

Overwatch Junkrat Multi Language, voice options in different languages. The Languages are English, Korean, French, Japanese, ...

9 months ago 5:47 5,675

Junkrat Quotes Overwatch - Junkrat Overwatch Voice Lines - Junkrat Voice Actor

UPDATED Voice Cast 2017 https://youtu.be/ormvS1gYFxc Subscribe to our channel https://goo.gl/wqrHvV Blog: ...

8 months ago 16:41 23,195

Overwatch - Junkrat Trailer

Obsessed with explosives, Jamison Fawkes has a Frag Launcher and packs concussion mines as well as steel traps.

1 year ago 2:16 101,618

Junkrat being played by someone who sounds like Junkrat | OVERWATCH

QUICK NOTE: OBS wasn't recording my microphone so I subtitled anything relevant I said in blue. 1/21: 12:45PM PST: CHECK ...

3 months ago 4:01 1,303,178

Junkrat Ultimate Voice Lines 【13 Languages】 Overwatch

真Saikan 日本 Visit http://shinsaikan.com/video-tag/overwatch For More Overwatch Content Junkrat relishes in explosive action.

6 months ago 2:38 42,640

Junkrat Taunts

[ART LINK IN DESCRIPTION.] Dear Australia, I'm sorry. Hey, I'm a voice actor and these aren't the real Junkrat sound files from ...

1 year ago 3:25 70,528

Overwatch - Junkrat & Roadhog: Going Legit [Comic Dub]

Junkrat is my spirit animal. Blizzard produced an official comic. I do comic dubs. This had to happen. SUBSCRIBE: ...

11 months ago 6:19 223,872

Tracer and Junkrat (Overwatch Animation)

Animation of my two favorite heroes in Overwatch. :D (no, I don't ship them) I love how much taller Junkrat is compared to Tracer ...

6 months ago 0:10 82,605

Overwatch - Junkrat All Voice Lines

Overwatch - Junkrat All Voice Lines WITNESS ME 409 Voice Lines / v1.1.0.2 DOWNLOAD LINK ...

9 months ago 17:27 30,967

Overwatch - Junkrat Hero Voice Lines, Interactions and Lore! | Hammeh

Subscribe!: http://youtube.com/failcraftcasts?sub_confirmation=1** **Time Codes to Skip -** Junkrat Lore - 0:55 Junkrat Humour ...

11 months ago 11:37 351,474

Overwatch Characters And Voice Actors

Subscribe For More : http://goo.gl/oZ1Bmj ▻▻ Main Channel : http://goo.gl/PTggCj ...

11 months ago 6:21 3,501,380

Genji being played by someone who sounds like Genji [Overwatch]

Genji voice actor in videos channel: https://www.youtube.com/diggums This video is based on Junkrat being played by someone ...

3 months ago 5:53 1,372,463

Overwatch Behind the Voice - Junkrat's Voice Actor, Chris Parson

Chris Parson plays the insane, bomb-hurling anarchist, Junkrat! This video dives into Chris Parson's career to find out how he ...

1 month ago 5:33 79,957

Playing Overwatch with Junkrat voice actor??

So this happened.. Whoever this was has a damn good junkrat impression.

2 months ago 4:42 794

Blizzcon 2016 overwatch voice actor

5 months ago 6:12 776,845