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Katherine Pierce Hair

The Vampire Diaries- Katherine Pierce Makeup & Hair Tutorial! | Kelly Nelson

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3 years ago 5:52 150,100

Nina Dobrev "Katherine Pierce" Inspired Makeup & Hair Tutorial

Hi guys! So here is a requested look I came up for you guys! I hope you all enjoy & I will see you in the next requested look/style ...

1 year ago 5:18 7,514

How To: Sexy Curls Hair Tutorial

These sexy curls are perfect for when you wanna feel a little extra feminine and flirty:) For this hairstyle I have used: - Luxy Clip-In ...

4 years ago 3:39 1,691,223

Katherine at a diner 5x06 (Opening Scene) The Vampire Diaries

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3 years ago 0:45 17,116

The Vampire Diaries Katherine Pierce Makeup & Hair

Hola bellas hoy les traigo otra colaboracion y esta es de looks de varias series, peliculas y mas y aqui les dejo el link de todas las ...

1 year ago 9:26 8,556

Elena Gilbert | Katherine Pierce (Day to Night) Hair & Makeup! *season 4

Today's video is the first part of my Vampire Diaries Season 4 makeup and hair series i was asked to do :) Again, sorry about the ...

3 years ago 8:20 208,609

Nina Dobrev Inspired Hairstyle

Here's a tutorial of an elegant half-up, half-down look that can be worn to an evening occasion. Hope you guys enjoy it!

4 years ago 4:43 476,036

The Vampire Diaries- Katherine Pierce Makeup & Hair Tutorial!

Doppelgänger!!! Katherine Pierce / Nina Dobrev Makeup Tutorial & Costume! (Vampire Diaries - Halloween/Cosplay etc.) folgt mir ...

1 year ago 5:45 61,440

Katherine Pierce (The Vampire Diaries) Hair & Makeup Tutorial: Masquerade Ball

Thanks for watching! Background Music by Kevin MacLeod: http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/ If you liked this video, check ...

5 years ago 19:18 196,673

Katherine Pierce Everyday Hair Tutorial 3x04

Hi Leute ihr wisst ja wie sehr ich TVD liebe und deshalb hat es mich sehr gefreut als ich von einer ganz lieben Zuschauerin ...

1 month ago 5:11 12

Katherine Pierce Nina Dobrev Masquerade Hair Tutorial (The Vampire Diaries) | Kristi-Anne Beil

Hi guys! I'm so sorry for posting this so late, here is all the information you should need below!! :) OPEN ME TO READ INFO ...

5 years ago 8:52 66,429

Katherine Pierce Hairstyle Masquerade

This Channel Video Presents A Wide Variety Of Hairstyles, Be It Hairstyles For Men And Also For The Women There Are Also ...

4 months ago 2:25 96

Katherina Petrova/Katherine Pierce Look

I'm soooooooooooo sorry it's so long but I'm doing boith of them so... So excited for this video! I hope you really enjoy and don't ...

4 years ago 18:38 70,579

Katerina Petrova - Katherine Pierce 1492 Haar und Makeup Tutorial / Hair and Makup

YAAAY Endlich ein neues Video !!!! :D Sorry das es sooo lange gedauert. Und weil ich diese Videos am allerliebsten mache habe ...

2 years ago 7:09 16,684

Vampire Diaries Inspired- 1864 Katherine

Hi guys! so i have another VD inspired look for you! This time it is Katherine from 1864. This look is very easy to accomplish and ...

6 years ago 5:24 103,443

Katherine Pierce | Katerina Petrova Makeup and Hair Tutorial | Everyday Smoky Glam

Hey guys! Here is my Katherine Pierce video! I hope that you guys enjoy it! I loved making this video, and this makeup is now a go ...

1 month ago 16:44 529

Tutorial: Katherine Pierce / Nina Dobrev makeup, Hair & Fashion (Vampire Diaries Part 2)

PLEASE EXPAND FOR MORE INFO*** This is an old video (filmed last year) that I clipped and Youtube saved a new copy of.

4 years ago 19:47 80,897

Soft Romantic Curls Hair Tutorial

Updated version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hh6OpF7ZRPM Sorry there were random spots of no audio // had to remove ...

5 years ago 9:01 11,798,600

Katherine Pierce Masquerade Ball Makeup Tutorial

Hope you guys like this Katherine Pierce/Nina Dobrev Masquerade Ball Makeup Tutorial from The Vampire Diaries :) Exact Mask ...

2 years ago 7:30 187,452

Katherine Pierce (The Vampire Diaries) Hair and Makeup Tutorial

OPEN ME FOR FUN THINGS ~~~~ This is a toned-down version of Katherine Pierce from CW's hit show, which is also my favorite ...

3 years ago 9:31 38,103