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[S] Ke$ha: Enter

Heard this on tumblr and it fit too well for me not to do this. Download Link: http://tindeck.com/listen/gstl Song remix here: ...

4 years ago 3:39 18,303

[S] Nicki, Britney, Ke$ha : x3 Showdown

Mashup and art by me AU by luxio.tumblr.com. Yes this one is definitely better than the first sdbhjkflsdf original post is now on ...

4 years ago 4:34 51,070

How to Unite and Synchronize / [S] Marina: Break her heart.

IMAGE BY http://ambooty.deviantart.com/ MASH UP BY ME!!! http://gaffgafgarion.tumblr.com/

4 years ago 3:46 26,616

Heavy Fuchsia Dreamer / [S] GaGa: Rule the world.

IMAGE BY http://machinemegido.tumblr.com MASH UP BY ME!!! http://gaffgafgarion.tumblr.com.

4 years ago 4:14 6,094

This Pumpkin Party 'Bout To... / [S] Ke$ha: Blow Up Sea Hitler's Apocalypse

IMAGE BY http://gumdropgirl.deviantart.com/ MASH UP BY ME!!! http://gaffgafgarion.tumblr.com.

4 years ago 3:51 16,025

⇛ Ke$ha: Play Sburb.

4 years ago 0:38 134,229

Kesha Stuck up lyrics

I own nothing(: Lyrics down below too(: Which one was the prettiest? Which one was the wittiest? Which one was the shittiest to ...

5 years ago 3:06 3,751

[News] WTF is #FreeKesha?

Kesha lost her court case in New York against Dr. Luke today...but the reason she lost isn't because the system favors abusers, ...

1 year ago 9:08 79,366

♡ [S]: Ke$ha: Enter ♡


3 years ago 4:13 1,294

Kesha - Stuck Up Little Bitches (Official Audio)

Click to buy the track via iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/stuck-up-little-bitches... Click ...

8 months ago 3:04 583

[S] Ke$ha: Make her Primadonna. (Nightcore)

I Ke$haStuck nightcored ;w;

4 years ago 2:50 17,836

C'mon! - Collab

HD please!! (edit: all of these thumbnails suck.) c: ok, so this was between my sister, Bannedfromargo (wowwattanerdyusername), ...

4 years ago 0:46 418

[S] Nicki Minaj - Enter

I know it's like over a year old and ke$hastuck is no longer a fad in the slightest but I noticed everyone else had uploaded theirs ...

3 years ago 3:54 3,397

Ke$ha - Stuck Up [HQ Download]

Ke$ha - Stuck Up New Song 2010 HQ Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?mjdjnzucgyd Lyrics: Which one was the prettiest ...

7 years ago 3:06 113,326

Beautiful, Dirty, MeGaLoVaniacal / [S] GaGa: Strife!

IMAGE BY http://runesby.tumblr.com/ MASH UP BY ME!!! http://gaffgafgarion.tumblr.com/

4 years ago 2:41 7,663

Warrior [FULL Homestuck MEP]

i really cannot thank you guys enough for taking parts in this! its a little later than i had planned, but i think it was definitely worth ...

3 years ago 3:56 595,061

Why a judge won't let Kesha break her contract

Pop star Kesha claims her producer has been sexually abusing her for years and is seeking to terminate her contract with Sony ...

1 year ago 3:20 2,396