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Lost Ark Online English


Looking at the trailer • Something for your phone :) https://youtu.be/WMpYwr-N4BQ At first glance, Lost Ark looks gorgeous.

1 year ago 25:36 45,139

Lost Ark Online New Full Trailer MMORPG Features and English Information

Lost Ark Online MMORPG Features Translations (Click Link) ...

2 years ago 19:17 852,455

Lost Ark Online - Guardian Raid Preview Gameplay CBT Beta 2016 English

Guardian raids are all about pushing you and your team to the limit. The harder bosses especially get really intense! Here are ...

8 months ago 15:13 41,706

Lost Ark : World Premiere Tailer [KR]

MMORPG 'Lost Ark' World Premiere Tailer. This Video shown at Launch Press Conference in South Korea. (Provider ...

2 years ago 8:25 101,370

Lost Ark Classes and MMO gameplay Review (English)

Today I take a deeper look at Lost Arc and its classes a new Diablo like hack and slash mmo under development. Fans of Diablo ...

2 years ago 3:40 30,848

LOST ARK 38 Minutes of EPIC Gameplay - ALL Gameplay So Far (Upcoming PC MMORPG) Lost Ark Online

More info about the game!- The Lost Ark which drove out evil in times long past. The Ark is a magical item, something that most ...

5 months ago 38:36 327,208

Lost Ark Online Guide to Gemming to Boost Gear Stats! - CBT 2016 Beta Gameplay English

This is part 2 of 2 videos I'm uploading now talking about weapon, armor, and general gear gemming + stat progression here in ...

8 months ago 20:21 23,736

Lost Ark Beta Mega Info Gameplay and Impressions! CBT 1 2016 English

The first Closed Beta Test (CBT) for Lost Ark has been absolutely packed full of so much amazing info and I'm here to quench your ...

8 months ago 11:31 98,842

Lost Ark Online - End Game Is Monster Hunter? Crafting Gear and Weapons CBT 2016 Gameplay English

Lost Ark has already proved itself in only the first closed beta test as one of the most exciting new online mmorpg games with ...

8 months ago 8:02 29,017

Lost Ark Online New In-depth Gameplay Trailer Analysis 2014 - 2016 English

In this video I do an in-depth analysis of the old 2014 gameplay, and the new 2016 gameplay for Lost Ark. The trailers have been ...

8 months ago 11:46 24,716

Lost Ark Online Playable Unconfirmed CBT Classes

Possible playable jobs and advanced jobs in the CBT.

9 months ago 2:19 47,836

Lineage Eternal Vs Lost Ark - Gameplay Comparison and Details (English)

This video aims to give ARPG fans a look at two of the BIGGEST up and coming games. Lineage Eternal, and Lost Ark. Both ...

1 year ago 7:51 72,303

Lost Ark Closed Beta 10 Classes

Lost Ark 10 játszható karakter a zárt bétában. Ez a videó a thaiföldi Lost Ark Facebook oldalán látott napvilágot.

9 months ago 2:26 17,167

Lost Ark Online 12 hr stream (part 1) ENG

12 hr stream from Korean CBT in two parts.. It's long but worth it. Part 2 ...

4 months ago 6:25:01 219,495



5 months ago 3:50:04 49,277

Lost Ark : GSTAR 2014 PV [KR]

Lost Ark : GSTAR 2014 Promotion Video (Provider : Smilegate)

2 years ago 19:17 63,783

Lost Ark Online Weapon and Armor Progression - CBT 2016 Beta Gameplay English

This is part 1 of 2 videos I'm uploading now talking about weapon, armor, and general gear + stat progression here in Lost Ark ...

8 months ago 10:22 32,822

Lost Ark Gameplay Review Classes & Quests New MMO (English Trailer)

A deeper look at Lost Ark gameplay with English commentary for the the classes trailer. We also take a look at Lost Ark's ...

2 years ago 3:42 22,790

Lost Ark MMO News - 18 New Online Classes

Today in Lost Ark I talk about plans of 18 new classes. The developers also talk about plans of Lost Arks healing classes.

2 years ago 4:28 153,139

Lost Ark - English Gameplay & News 2016

New trailer for the most anticipated action-RPG MMO Lost Ark! ♥ Live stream: http://www.twitch.tv/moldran ♥ Twitter: ...

8 months ago 9:05 13,986

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