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Petra 300 Win Mag

Long Range Shooting 1 Mile (1760 yards) 7mm - 300 Win Mag

First time shooting 1 mile with my new rifle 7mm - 300 Win Mag. Took 3 shots to get on target. 4 consecutive hits after that.

3 years ago 2:56 796,969

NEMO Arms Inc OMEN ASP 16" 300 Win Mag Carbine

Introducing the OMEN ASP! The shortest and lightest semi-auto .300 Win Mag modern sporting rifle. NEMO is the World's First and ...

1 year ago 4:20 43,766

Falkor Defense 1/2 MOA Magnum AR Platform - 300 Norma, Win Mag & 6.5 Creedmoor

Our exclusive Shot Show 2017 interview with @the_clint_walker of Falkor Defense. Makers of Petra AR Platform capable of 1/4 ...

2 months ago 18:46 2,342

The Most Powerful AR15, Falkor Petra

This gun...... It just makes me so happy. :) :) :) Demo Ranch shirts!!! http://www.magpul.com/demoranch ...

11 months ago 9:32 1,881,298

338 Lapua and 300 win mag vs 1350 yard coyote....

Another great shot on a long distance coyote....

1 year ago 3:22 56,846

300 Win Mag vs 338 Lapua

Rifles: Armalite AR30A1 Remington 700 Police.

1 year ago 2:01 176,946

SI Defense PETRA 300WM Rifle with U.S. Optics

U.S. Optics talks with SI Defense on the new SI-D PETRA 300WM Rifle featuring U.S. Optics' ER-25 scope. Stay tuned for more on ...

2 years ago 2:51 16,873

NEMO Arms OMEN 300 win mag Rifle [ FULL REVIEW ]

Taking a good look at the NEMO Arms OMEN 300win mag Watchman 2.0 Semi Automatic Rifle. In this video we test its accuracy ...

1 year ago 14:03 187,564

Information Update on the PETRA 300WM from SI Defense

Chris Tran gives a hint on pricing and release date of the new PETRA rifle from SI Defense. http://bit.ly/petra300.

2 years ago 3:00 12,622

300 Win mag @ 2504 yards

We have opened our online store, stickers, shirts, bases and more link here: https://4aw-store.myshopify.com/ For more info on ...

2 years ago 9:16 321,112

NEMO 300 Win Mag Range Day

I'm continuing my evaluation of the NEMO Arms 300 Winchester Magnum rifle. I've topped my NEMO Recon with an IOR Valdada ...

3 years ago 9:55 207,768

Petra 300 Win Mag by Falkor Defense

The lovely Xo_Breanne_xO shooting the Petra 300 Win Mag by Falkor Defense. Shop Online by visiting http://otbfirearms.com ...

1 year ago 0:36 5,147

The Power of .300 Win Mag vs Thick Wood - TheFireArmGuy

300 win mag is an amazing round. The power behind it is incredible. Here we keep adding extremely thick wood until the .300 win ...

9 months ago 3:29 22,570

SHOT Show 2016 | Falkor Defense

Travis Ishida of Contingency X joins Josh Clark the Falkor Defense booth at SHOT Show 2016 to hear more on their new product ...

1 year ago 6:30 9,570

Shooting a $10,000 Rifle!!!!! The Falkor Petra 300 Winchester Magnum

Shooting a beast of a gun for the very first time. The Falkor Petra 300 Winchester Magnum.

4 months ago 3:15 1,076

Falkor Petra .300 Win Mag and DEAD AIR Sandman: A Marriage made in SILENCE

Firing the NEW FALKOR Petra .300 Win Mag rifle with the Dead AIr Sandman. Notice that we are NOT wearing Hearing Protection ...

1 year ago 2:44 16,420

Falkor PETRA .300 Win Mag rifle

Falkor Defense makes a big, bad and incredibly accurate .300 Win Mag semi-automatic rifle. I chat with Clint Walker of Falkor ...

10 months ago 19:17 126,495

The 300 Norma and Dracos barrel from Falkor Defense!!

We are back at Big 3 East again for another amazing event and right off the bat we meet up with Clint Walker of Falkor Defense.

7 months ago 6:10 13,516

Hunting with a $17,000 Rifle - Armasight Thermal & Falkor 300 Win Mag!

The story of my first ever centerfire rifle hunt. Armasight invited me to south Texas to hunt something called Nilgai. We brought ...

5 months ago 12:31 134,961

The PETRA 300WM from SI-Defense - Recoil?

Demonstrating the serious recoil reduction with the new 300WM Rifle - the PETRA from SI Defense. http://si-defense.com ...

2 years ago 0:56 76,781