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Chinotimba - The Bonyongwe point of order - Zim parliament - 18 October 2017

Ajoutée le 18 oct. 2017 Povo News 82 851 vues Download

Zanu PF MP, Joseph Chinotimba raising a point of order in parliament asking for more time to question Happyton Bonyongwe the new Minister of JusticeChinotimba was speaking in the Zimbabwean parliament on on 18 October 2017Happyton Mabhuya Bonyongwe replaced Emmerson Mnangagwa as the Minister of Justice after a cabinet reshuffle by President Mugabe on 9 October 2017 Bonyongwe was the director general of the Zimbabwean intelligence agency, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) since 2002On a point of order Madam Speaker, when we are in this august House and even when we have only one Minister we should not be directed to take our question to a particular Minister. It is our choice to address any Minister we feel like addressing. If we feel we want to exhaust our questions on one Minister allow us to do so. Let me tell you now that we are going for elections and we do not want people to say ZANU PF destroyed the country. You know that agriculture is the backbone of our economy hence the Minister should respond to our questions, so do not protect Ministers or direct us to ask questions to a particular Minister. What I am saying Madam Speaker is that you should allow us to ask the Minister what we want in this august House. Allow us to pose questions that we want to the Ministers and not to tell us that you can ask other Ministers other questions. What if our questions are directed to that particular Minister? We want to ask the Minister. Thank you.