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Fox host cuts off guest after she debunks conspiracy that CIA is out to get Trump

Ajoutée le 18 mai 2017 Politics Video Channel 22 266 vues Download

Brian Kilmeade brought on a former CIA military analyst to ask her whether her former employer is out to get President Donald Trump — and then quickly cut her off when he didn’t like her answer.While interviewing former CIA analyst Dr. Tara Maller on Thursday, Kilmeade started off with a loaded question about how the intelligence community must be conspiring to bring down the Trump White House.“The intelligence community, from your contacts and your years in the CIA and the people you still know, have they turned on this administration?” he asked. “Is that what we’re witnessing now?”Maller, however, didn’t hesitate before striking back.“No, I think that’s a very unfair characterization,” she shot back. “The intelligence community is made up of some of the most hardworking, patriotic individuals. They have missions to focus on every day, ranging from ISIS to Boko Haram to al Qaeda, to what’s going on in Morocco, to what’s going on in Mosul. They’re not out to get revenge on an administration. They’re doing their job, they’re out there writing the president’s daily brief just as good as they were for every other president.”