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To the concerned Without Prejudice.Re: Kadayallithu JeevidamI believe in no politics (but for what it merged originally) and am not in madly favour of any channels and have no colossal person to adore but I attempt to value individual regardless rich or poor, educated or uneducated and strong or week. I would like to humbly make a comment which is of purely impartial and intended for no personal benefit.I quite like a lot of programs in Amritha TV as it maintains very good standard. However I think it's too late to review the above mentioned program. I am not sure if the after effect of it in the life of every individual (regardless the perpetrator or the victim / who is right or wrong) who are been uncovered before the public. I insist that that the program often becomes very judgemental without wonder as the anchors only have very limited contact with the 'clients'. What right anyone have to unravel some one's personal life before the public? What have you done to explore the after effects of it in the life of the people involved, especially that of the children? How would you explain the confidentiality of the sensitive matters involved in it? What right any one has to sell some one's tears? Let's salute others without any discrimination respecting their every right. There may be a 1000 praising you for what you do, but if it leaves a few to cry (Outside your studio, in real life), those praises doesn't worth it, I believe.If the program is aiming at counselling and other therapeutic intervention, I am sorry to point out that this program often lacks the basic element of confidentiality and non-judgemental. Few episodes with a family are too early to make judgements of some one. The participants often comply with what you say as they are in different setting to that of their normal life. But their problem becomes more complicated once they go back to where they were. Their life become even more difficult as they have no more privacy -- and our culture unfortunately looks down upon seeking help eventhough every one needs help. Its also too early to expect everyone to accept the importance of mental health but I wish.Sympathy is good but professional empathy will be more preferred way of intervention. Please do a bit of study among your previous participants. Emotional aspects and tears are a good commodity to seel in our culture but please there are other ways. I am sure that there are very good intention you have but the unintended damage that it brings to people will be sadder. When there is only one party present how can you set up goals and pans based on what one person says? Does that mean the one who talks well and acts well will win the race? Please don't include in any children as they haven't done anything wrong to be publicized. If you could be bit careful this will bear good results and will help others. If this is intended for good, I have no doubt that you would be keen on betterment. There are also a lot of good programs you could do which would not only attract massive audience but also a change in the society for what a good media has to stand for.I have nothing against you and I am in anyway not known/related to anyone involved in this program but I wanted to point this out wishing that you would look at the other side of the coin where unintended severe damage happens to many life which is even worse than how they were. I work in the similar area and I see a vast number of similar issues, perhaps worse matters that no one cares. However this letter doesn't not carry my professionalism but bit of my humanism. I would expect a reply from you, an attempt to clarify this. Should this be ignored, I would want others to think about it, hence this will be distributed as food for thought. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss this further.

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